Anthony Williams
Anthony Leroy Williams' 
Creative work is in design, event planning, storytelling, and publishing. He strives to contribute, honor, and perpetuate the history and legacy of his elders within the context of meaningful multigenerational themes, gatherings, and joyous celebrations. His illustrations, designs and his use of story serve as a simple act and rite of commemorating the oldest living members of families helping to bind them all resiliently together. His work contributes to an extension of our memory of those whose ever present multigenerational ways help us to build resiliency within and amongst our young. In some ways he had been inspired by his mother’s own love of poetry, story and song. She would later use all of these forms of art as vehicles for her own creative expressions once she left her job as a nurse. Her gifts emerged when she began writing her own poetry and children storybooks and when she began writing a column for a local town newspaper. Anthony's objective is to assist in the planning for joyous events and celebrating the elder members of organizations, communities and families by designing thematic products that are integrated in decorations and promotional and publishing packaging for those events. Some of his objectives are accomplished by working in collaboration with other team members who have honed their own supportive skillset having worked in related businesses, and event planning fields over many decades.